S. Anders Brandt

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I am working as a docent (eq. to associate professor [U.S] / reader [U.K]) in geospatial information science and senior lecturer in geomatics on several different programmes: the Master's Programme in Geomatics, Master's Programme in Geospatial Science, the previous Study Programme in Geomatics, which from 2011 is succeded by the Study Programme in Spatial Planning, IT Systems Development in Geographical Information Systems, and the Study Programme in Land Management/Surveying.

In the list to the right you can see all courses at the University of Gävle that I either has been or currently am more or less involved in.

Of course also supervision of students on their theses requires a great deal of teaching effort. Besides theses and regular courses, the university offers the possibility of tailor made courses for e.g. companies and organizations. Within the field of land management and geomatics, my division of the department also has had some human resource capacity building, specifically designed for new programs in the land management area in developing countries.

The geo-related programmes also have several student exchange agreements with other univeristies worldwide, leading to a constantly changing, but in many ways stimulating environment, where the international students add new perspectives to the problems and questions posed by both the students and the teaching staff. One of the most successful exchange agreements has been between the geomatics at University of Gävle and the geography department at the Thompson Rivers University in Canada. I was fortunate to spend more than a month as an exchange teacher there, teaching a summer course in GIS.