S. Anders Brandt

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River flood modeling and visualization

In recent years, many districts in Sweden have suffered severely from river floods. There is an increasing interest shown from physical planners, rescue organizations etc. who stress that these events must be accounted for. For example, areas for new house constructions may be located near rivers that already are a threat or that may be one in the future. New areas are also getting increasingly scarce, since all the best places to build most often already have been used.

My research focuses on the quality of elevation models and how these can be used together with hydrological models and GIS to produce inundation maps and inundation scenarios for such areas. With the research results visualized in a proper way, the affected authorities and organizations can better plan their activities.

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For years I have tried to incorporate multicriteria decision analyses (MCDA) into the geographical information systems (GIS) courses I teach and several of my students have written theses on various topics involving spatial MCDA. Right now I am also involved in some research in collaboration with others on this topic.

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